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Barn-Strong Hockey

Barn-Strong Hockey is a simple old barn dedicated to training the hockey athlete to move better.   Balance is critical to skating and all hockey movements. Balance training specific to hockey movements stimulates an immediate awareness within the athlete.  Recognizing movement patterns within the game of hockey is a key determinant of a person's potential to think logically, verbally, numerically, and spatially.  Pattern recognition helps the athlete train balance/movement deficiencies within their game to power them from place to place on the ice.       

Understanding Hockey Movements


Distribution of weight enabling someone to remain upright and steady

Movement Awareness


Organization of a complex body/activity so as to work together effectively

Pattern Movement Recognition


An act or the power of moving from place to place

Power-Skating/Total Hockey Tabata Classes

Our Power-Skating Tabata class is unlike anything you have done before!  Tabata training is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that involves 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of rest for a certain number of rounds (8).  Barn-Strong Hockey combines many different tools (Power Skater, Bosu-Elite, Pulsers, and Slide-Board to name a few) to offer you a work out that develops hockey movement skills with the additional benefit of cardiorespiratory training. 

Classes are 60-75 minutes long.  Cost is $25.00 a class.  To find out when the next class is visit our Calendar page .  Registration links are below.  

Schedule Barn Time

Looking for private training or just some time to "drop in" the barn for a work out?  Contact us to set up your Barn training.